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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

A lot of modern online services are unimaginable without cloud technologies. They help to reduce your expenses and avoid buying the powerful hardware that most probably will not be used in full capacity. Our company provides cloud services of installing, configuring and supporting the on-premise, cloud, and hybrid storage. What are the benefits of each type of cloud?

Private cloud

Using a private cloud, you get your private network environment and a dedicated virtual resource. The advantages of this configuration are the following:

  • the ability to manually manage the cloud environment with physical access to the resources and virtual platform settings;
  • a higher degree of data protection because you are the only user of the storage;
  • higher productivity;
  • fast resources scalability.

A private cloud can be interesting to large companies who require the maximum security and confidentiality.

Public cloud

In this case, the hardware infrastructure is used by several users and is managed by the own service support team. The cost is divided into all users, so this storage option is the most economical. Any private person or company can start work in a public cloud. For this, you need only a device with an Internet connection. Connecting the resources and access takes a few minutes.

The public cloud is optimally suited for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have the ability to maintain their own IT department.

Hybrid Cloud

A modern variant, combining local resources and a public cloud service into one network. The combination of the two technologies makes it a convenient and flexible tool for various purposes. Hybrid cloud allows the client not to abandon the workable equipment and retain the right to independently manage the most important processes.

Such a configuration is a compromise for those who doubt the security of cloud services: companies can gradually withdraw the management of the least significant elements and simultaneously evaluate the advantages of cloud solutions.

Hybrid cloud is convenient for companies running a seasonal business, as well as if you need to test the program one time or to process a large amount of data. In addition, for a business with a capital-intensive IT infrastructure, a hybrid cloud can be called an obligatory stage in the transition to a public cloud.

Why should you choose Ansi ByteCode?

  • Without extra expenses. Pay only for the resources you use. We do not count the incoming traffic and you pay only for storage, requests to the API and downloading data from the repository.
  • High reliability. Automatically create 3 copies of data on separate independent servers. Reliability at Tier III level, SLA guarantees the availability of 99.98% of the time.
  • Scalability. Regardless of the amount of data and the peak load level, you still have the fast access to content. The number and volume of files are unlimited.
  • Easy integration. Connect your own or a third-party application via the OpenStack Swift API. Manage users, domains, certificates through the API. A number of ready-made plug-ins and integrations with CMS, CRM, and other services.
  • Easy access. All functionality is available both through the API and through the control panel: uploading and downloading files, access rights control, linking domains, collecting statistics, etc.

Contact Ansi ByteCode now and get more information about our cloud services.

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